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LogHome is a brand under Ever Net Corporation established in 2006 committed to developing and distributing high quality digital locks which are both secure and user friendly. 

In 2008, Ever Net Corporation received Merit Award for "Incheon R&D Network" activities and was nomited with "Excellent Quality Product" by Incheon Metropolitan City in 2010. It has also received numerous recognitions in the last couple of years such as "Good Company to Work With", "Proud Entreprenuer Prize" and "Export Manager Association Merit Award".


Ever Net Corporation was broadcasted in multiple shows such as SBS 8O'clock News, Job World Wide, KBS 9O'Clock News, and KBS 6O'Clock News Square particularly on its patents and design.



Kaadas is a smart door lock born in Germany which is well known for precision and high quality manufacturing. 


The door locks are designed by a senior designer of BMW (George Allmendinger) incorporating the best designs into the most advanced technology.


Kaadas is well-known for its elegant looks, reliable and secure smart locks of the world. Kaadas has become one of the best brand of fingerprint locks.

KAADAS not only established powerful R&D centers in Germany and Shenzhen, but also founded an appearance design research center in South Korea, a modern manufacturing base in Dongguan and a biological recognition research center in Beijing which gathers top international biological algorithm researchers and college professors and experts.



Since its establishment in 1970, Unicor has been devoted itself only in door lock business. They are one of first companies in South Korea, who has obtained KS quality certificate in this business.

In July 2003, Unicor was awarded GD (Good Design) mark from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. They also acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 for quality and environment management system certifications.  

Recently, Unicor was again awarded with National quality satisfaction index ranked No.1 sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / organized by etnews.


Unicor's thrust is to maintain cutting -edge innovation and market competitiveness in digital door lock market.   

Epic Systems Co., Ltd. founded in 2006  has been exporting digital door locks to almost 100 countries worldwide.


Epic products has then been visible on web markets of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia ,China ,Colombia ,Brazil, Portugal and many others.

In 2014,  Epic was awarded with Best Exporter Award. 


With outstanding softwares and quality designs, Epic aims to be one of the leading brands of digital door locks in the world. 

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