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Access Ways

Fingerprint: Up to 100 prints, can be registered

Pin code: 1 pin code, 4 to 12 digits, 1 guest pin (one time use only)

SmartKey (RFID): 4 pcs included (2 pcs RF Card and 2 pcs RF Tags), Expandable to 200 pcs, can be registered

Key: 2 pcs included




Dual Mode Security: both fingerprint and pin code or smart key must be entered

Outside Force Lock: door cannot be opened from the inside. Open/Close button is disabled

Internal Force Lock: door cannot be opened from outside except with key

Multi-Touch Feature: removes traces of fingerprint patterns on the number pad

Random Number Feature: can enter any random numbers before or after your actual pin code

Automatic/Manual Lock: can select between manually closing door using close button or automatic lock after closing the door

Fire Alarm: when indoor body of the door lock reaches threshold temperature, lock will generate an alarm and automatically open the door for safety

Anti-Hacking Alarm: lock will generate alarm when forceful entry is detected

Anti-Prank: lock will generate an alarm after 5 repeated failed pin code attempts and will not function for 1 minute

Deadbolt Error Alarm: lock will send off an alarm when not closed properly

Low Battery Alarm: an alarm will be heard when it’s time to change batteries

Epic Fingerprint Digital Door Lock ES-F9000K

  • Door Details

    Door Thickness: 40 to 50mm

    Door Applicability: Swing Type Doors

    Door Direction: Left or Right

    Door Material: Wooden, Aluminum, Metal



    Power Source: 6V (4 LR6 AA Size 1.5V Alkaline Battery x 8each)

    Battery Life: 1 Year with an average use of 10x per day

    Emergency Power Source: 9V Square Alkaline Battery (Not Included)

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