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Kaadas Germany Fingerprint Digital Door Lock M9 is a Mini Smart Lock that has modern design with comprehensive features with 4 access ways - Fingerprint, Pincode, RFID, Key


4 Access Ways
1. Fingerprint

  • Uses Biometric FPC Sensor from Sweden used by over 135 banks in the world
  • Can register up to 43 prints, can delete per user

2. Pin Code

  • Anti-Spy Technology (can enter any number before or after actual pin code)
  • Up to 6 normal user pincodes, 1 Guest Pin, Uses 6 to 12 digits


  • 2 included in the package
  • Expandable up to 43
  • Can delete per RFID

4. Mechanical Key

  • 2 included in the package


Key Features

Basic Features

  • Mini Smart Lock Design: New mini modern design packed with the same great features and durability
  • Voice Guide: assist users during registrations
  • Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic locking or manual locking
  • Open Mode/Safe Mode: Open mode can open door using either any of the access way. For Safe Mode, user has to enter at least 2 verification method to enter.
  • Master Pin: only the owner who knows Master Pin can change information in the doorlock
  • Privacy Mode: when this mode is turned on, any type of verification will not work from the outside. Usually used at night. Can only be opened using key or from the inside
  • Defense Mode: when this mode is turned on, lock will give off an alarm tone when door is opened from the inside. Usually used when every member of the house is out.
  • Emergency Power Supply: in case of battery empty, connect cable (powerbank) to Micro-USB 5V to power up the unit enough for user to enter and change batteries. 
  • Volume Adjustment: can select whether to have voice guide or not

Safety Features

  • Fake Pin Code Feature: can enter any digits before or after the real pin and lock will still recognize pin code
  • 3 -Min Lock Down: Door lock is locked down after 10 incorrect operating
  • Intrusion/Break In Alarm: when door is opened without normal verification method or when the front escutcheon is separated forcibly, alarm will go off

Kaadas Germany Mini Smart Lock M9

  • Power: 6V Alkaline Battery x 4 (AA Size)

    Battery Life: Average Use of 1year (10x use per day)

    Emergency Power: Micro-USB Port 5V

    Door Thickness: 35 to 60mm

    Door Type: Swing Type (Single or Double, left or right hand)

    Door Material: Wooden, Metal, Aluminum

  • Unboxing:



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