Kaadas Germany Push Pull Digital Door Lock is the hottest lock in the market. It is designed by Chief Designer of BMW Georg Allmendinger packed with features to increase both security and convenience. 


4 Access Ways
1. Fingerprint

  • Uses Biometric FPC Sensor from Sweden used by over 135 banks in the world
  • Can register up to 100 prints, can delete per user

2. Pin Code

  • Anti-Spy Technology (can enter any number before or after actual pin code)
  • Up to 5 normal users, 4 temporary users (one time use only), 1 emergency pin code
  • Uses 6 to 12 digits


  • 2 included in the package
  • Expandable up to 100
  • Can delete per RFID

4. Mechanical Key

  • 2 included in the package
  • Unique encoding on the key cannot be duplicated


Key Features

Basic Features

  • Unique Push Pull Handle: seamless looking door and one effort to open the door  
  • LCD Screen and Voice Guide: assist users during registrations
  • Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic locking after 1.5s or manual locking by pressing close button
  • Master Pin: only the owner who knows Master Pin can change information in the doorlock
  • Safe Mode: enables double verification feature (Fingerprint+Pin, Pin+RFID, Fingerprint+RFID)
  • Privacy Mode: open only from inside or using mechanical key
  • Defense Mode: alarm will sound if someone opened the doorlock from the inside
  • Emergency Power Supply: in case of battery empty, connect cable (powerbank) to Micro-USB 5V to power up the unit enough for user to enter and change batteries. 
  • Volume Adjustment: can select from mute, level 1 or level 2

Safety Features

  • Fake Pin Code Feature: can enter any digits before or after the real pin code (not exceeding 30) and lock will still recognize pin code
  • High Security: Double Latch Locks, Stainless Steel Case
  • Certifications: Theft Proof and Fire Proof Certifications
  • Top Notch Technology: Anti-Sawing, Anti-Hacking, Anti-Hit technologies


Durable vs. Leading Brands

  • Uses Sweden Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
  • 7Kg Zinc Alloy
  • 5A Level Tempered Glass
  • Electroplating Paint Galvanized Sheet
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Unique Patent One Lock for Four Directions
  • Can Bear 8000 N Force (266%stronger than others)
  • Multiple Bolts to make it Bigger, Stronger, Safer

Kaadas Germany Push Pull Fingerprint Digital Door Lock K7

  • Power: 6V Alkaline Battery x 8 (AA Size)

    Battery Life: Average Use of 1.5years (10x use per day)

    Emergency Power: Micro-USB Port 5V

    Door Thickness: 35 to 60mm

    Door Type: Swing Type (Single or Double, left or right hand)

    Door Orientaion: available for Right In, Right Out, Left In, Left Out

    Door Material: Wooden, Metal, Aluminum

  • Product Info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqVeEzvAM08&t=14s

    Installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8eeLGFsQK8&t=330s