Access Ways

Fingerprint: Up to 100 prints, can be deleted individually

Pincode: 1 Password (Master Pin), 100 User pin, 4 to 12 digits,

Key: 2 pcs included




Unique Push Pull Handle: seamless looking door and one effort to open the door.

Welcome Function:When user gets close to the doorlock , the authorization standby mode will automatically activate

Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic locking after 1 sec or manual locking by pressing double lock.

Password (Master pin): only the owner who knows password (Master Pin) can change information in the doorlock.

Double Authorization Mode: enables double verification feature (Fingerprint+Pin).

Privacy Mode: can only open from inside or using mechanical key.

Defense Mode: alarm will sound if someone opened the doorlock from the inside.

Emergency Power Supply: in case of battery empty, 9V

Volume Adjustment: can select from mute, level 1 or level 2


Samsung Digital Door Lock SHP-DP738

  • Door Details

    Door Thickness: 40 to 60mm.

    Door Applicability: Swing Type Doors

    Door Direction: Left or Right

    Door Material: Wooden, Aluminum, Metal