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Access Ways

  • Pincode: 1 Master pin, Up to 100 User pin, 4 to 12 digits
  • RFID: 2 pcs tags included Up 100 pcs can be registered
  • Key 2 pcs included

*Total of 100 (User Pin + User Cards) can be registered



-Voice Guidance: For easy registrations


-Indicator Lamp : Indicates the operational status when the Card is being read or the lock is in operation.


-Locking Mode (Auto/Manual) : You can enable or disable the function for locking the door automatically when it is closed. The factory default is ‘Auto mode’. - Auto: The door is locked automatically 2 seconds after it is closed. However, it does not function if the magnet is not used or the batteries are completely discharged. - Manual: When the door does not lock automatically when it is closed, touch the [Touchscreen] or the [OPEN/CLOSE] button on the Interior Unit will lock the door.


-Lockout Mode (Protect Mode) : When more than 5 failed authentication attempts with unregistered PIN Codes/Cards occur, the lock disables the keypad for 3 minutes for security reasons. The keypad will display the remaining time until the keypad will be re-activated (e.g., “3” “2” “1”). The lock is re-activated again automatically after 3 minutes and may still be operated using the home control or security system.


-Smart Re-locking (Auto Locking Mode only) : For security reasons the lock will automatically lock itself after 7 seconds to prevent it from being unintentionally left unlocked unless the door is physically opened.


-Low Battery Indicator : Refers to the state when the operating voltage of the lock is lower than the standard voltage, and activates the Low Battery Alarm (“Please change the batteries”) to indicate that the batteries need to be replaced. Use the Emergency Key when the batteries are completely discharged. In case of the low battery, the low-battery LED flickers when using doorlock.

Magnet Sensor Set : Detects the opening and closing of the door.


-Thumbturn Lever : When the batteries are completely discharged, this device is used to mechanically lock or unlock the door from inside.


-Master PIN Code : You can enter only one Master PIN (4-10 digits) Code. You can register the User PIN Codes/Cards after authenticating with the Master PIN (4-10 digits) Code. You can open the door with the Master PIN Code, and the factory default is ‘1234’.


-OPEN/CLOSE Button : A one-touch button to open the locked door. (It is also used to lock the door from inside in the Manual locking mode.)


-Privacy Mode : Press and hold the [OPEN/CLOSE] button for more than three seconds, if three beeps deactivate the keypad. As it is set from the inside, provides a secure lock for the convenience of the occupant(s). Privacy mode disables remote control capabilities.


-Random Security Code : Press this code (two-digit random numbers) before the user PIN code in order to prevent the intruder to see the fingerprint marks left on the touchscreen. You can also disable this feature, but is enabled by default.


Samsung Smart Lock SHP-DS510

  • Door Details

    Door Thickness: 35 to 55mm

    Door Applicability: Swing Type Doors

    Door Direction: Left or Right

    Door Material: Wooden, Aluminum, Metal

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