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2 Access Ways

1. Pincode: 1 User Pin, 4 to 12 digits

2. RFID: Up to 20 RFIDs, 2pcs RF Tag Included, cannot be deleted individually




-Double Authentication Mode: This mode requires both User Card and PIN Code to open the door, ensuring more security. However, Master PIN Code can open the door regardless of mode. To enable this mode, more than 1 User Card and PIN Code must be registered. This mode is disabled by default.


-Double-locking: Double-locking prevents the lock from being unlocked from the outside. You can enable it by using the [OPEN/CLOSE] button.


-Emergency Power Contact: Continuing to use the lock without replacing batteries when required will lead to the batteries discharging and cause the lock to malfunction. You can open the door by touching the external power contacts on the Exterior Unit with a 9V battery and then touching with the Card or entering the PIN Code.


-Intrusion Detection Function: When the Interior Unit is forcibly detached while the door is locked, it is detected by the magnetic sensor and an alarm is sounded. (The function is not activated when the magnet is not used). The Intrusion Detection function is a basic function and cannot be enabled or disabled.


-Locking Mode (Auto/Manual): You can enable or disable the function for locking the door automatically when it is closed. The factory default is ‘Auto mode’. - Auto: The door is locked automatically 2 seconds after it is closed. However, it does not function if the magnet is not used or the batteries are completely discharged. - Manual: When the door does not lock automatically when it is closed, touch the [Touchscreen] or the [OPEN/CLOSE] button on the Interior Unit will lock the door.


-Low Voltage Indicator: Refers to the state when the operating voltage of the lock is lower than the standard voltage, and activates the Low Voltage Alarm (“Fur Elise”) to indicate that the batteries need to be replaced. Use the Emergency Power when the batteries are completely discharged.


-Magnetic Sensor: Detects the opening and closing of the door.


-Malfunction Prevention Function (Mischief Prevention Function): When more than 5 failed authentication attempts with unregistered PIN Codes/Cards occur, a warning sounds for 10 seconds, and the lock stops operating for 3 minutes. While lock operation is stopped, a ‘beep’ is sounded every 10 seconds and the lock is activated again automatically after 3 minutes. The Malfunction Prevention function is a basic function and cannot be enabled or disabled.


-Thumbturn Lever: When the batteries are completely discharged, this device is used to mechanically lock or unlock the door from inside.


-OPEN/CLOSE Button: A one-touch button to open the locked door. (It is also used to lock the door from inside in the Manual locking mode.)


-Out-of-Home Security Function: This function prevents intrusions from outside when no one is home. Pressing the [OPEN/CLOSE] button while the Out-of-Home function is enabled sounds an alarm. You can enable this function by touch of a certain button.


-Random Security Function: This mode prevents the disclosure of the PIN Code by entering the PIN Code after authenticating 2 arbitrarily selected numbers. When the buttons for 2 arbitrarily selected numbers are illuminated, pressing the 2 illuminated buttons illuminates the whole touchscreen. You can enable or disable the Random Security function. This function is enabled by default.


-Registration Button: This button is used to change Master PIN Code/User PIN Codes/User Cards or the lock settings. It is found below the battery cover of the Interior Unit. The length of time the [Registration] button is pressed varies depending on the function.


-Sound Setting: The volume during the input of numbers and opening or locking of the door can be set from Level 0 ~ Level 3. The sound is muted at Level 0 and is at maximum volume at Level 3. The registration mode operates at Level 2 regardless of the sound setting.

Samsung Smart Lock SHS-1321 Black

  • Door Details

    Door Thickness: 35 to 55mm

    Door Applicability: Swing Type Doors

    Door Direction: Left or Right

    Door Material: Wooden, Aluminum, Metal

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