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2 Access Ways

Pincode: 1 User pin, 4 to 12 digits

SmartKey (RFID): 2 pcs included (2 pcs RF Tags), Expandable Up to 20 RFIDs



-Proximity Sensor: Lighten the number pad when someone approaches the door.


-Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic locking after 1 sec or manual locking by pressing double lock.,


-Double Authorization Mode: enables double verification feature (RFID Card+Pin).


-At Home Security: When someone inside the house authorization for entry from the outside will be prohibited


-Defense Mode: alarm will sound if someone opened the doorlock from the inside.


-Emergency Power Supply: in case of battery empty, 9V to power up the unit enough for user to enter and change batteries.


-Volume Adjustment: can select mute.


Samsung Smart Lock SHS-D607

  • Door Details

    Door Thickness: 40 to 50mm

    Door Applicability: Swing Type Doors

    Door Direction: Left or Right

    Door Material: Wooden, Aluminum, Metal

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