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Unicor Korea Fingerprint Digital Door Lock UN9000 is one of the most comprehensive digital lock in the market with up to 6 access ways. 


5 Access Ways: (Upgradeable to 6 Access Ways)

1. Fingerprint / Biometric

  • Up to 100 prints

2. Pincode

  • 3 pincodes can be registered
  • 4 to 12 digits


  • 4 pcs included - 2 RF tags, 2 RF anti-metal sticker
  • Expandable to 100pcs

4. Mechanical Key

  • 2 pcs included

5. Bluetooth

  • Access through Unicor App

6. Remote Control (ADD-ON, Purchased Separately)

  • Physical remote to open door in case of multiple visitors arriving


Key Features:

Basic Functions

  • Voice Guide: assists during registration
  • Close button: manual closing in case automatic locking is turned off
  • Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic or manual locking of bolt once door is closed. For automatic locking, bolt will lock automatically after 3s
  • Double Locking Function: door does not open even though a valid password, pincode, RFID from outside is entered. Double locking can be released from the outside through registered pincode if it was accidentally turned on.
  • Forced Lock Setting: enhanced security feature that will play an emergency alarm when door is opened from the inside
  • Emergency Power Supply: when unit has zero battery, can use 9V Square battery to jumpstart unit and enter using registered fingerprint/pincode/rfid
  • Master Password: only owners who know this password can change information in the lock 
  • Locking Error Alert: generates an error tone when door is not properly closed
  • Sound Volume: adjust sound volume of tones

Safety Functions

  • Fake Number Function: hide your true pincode by pressing random numbers before your real pincode
  • Intrusion Alert / Damage Alert Function: generates an emergency alarm when there is an attempt to open a door by force
  • Fire Detection: when indoor sensor of doorlock detects fire, it automatically opens the door for safety

Unicor Korea Fingerprint Digital Door Lock UN9000

SKU: UN9000
  • Power: 6V Alkaline Battery x 8 (AA Size)

    Battery Life: Average Use of 1.5years (10x use per day)

    Emergency Power: 9V Rectangular Alkaline Battery

    Door Thickness: 35 to 50mm

    Door Type: Swing Type (Single or Double, left or right hand)

    Door Material: Wooden, Metal, Aluminum

  • Usage:

    Bluetooth App:

    Remote Control:

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